Thursday, November 4, 2010

Hugh's First Motorbike Race

Odette, Bonnie and Sophie, with Hugh on his motorbike.

Hugh says that when he grows up he wants to be a motorbike racer.
Well he is far from grown up, but he has already ridden in his first motorbike race.
Even though his birthday is not until December he received a Yamaha PW50 motorbike in October. There was no point buying it and putting it away for two months... :)
So with three weeks experience riding the new bike, he set of early on Sunday with Roger, with his bike in the back of the car. Roger was on duty as a first aid officer, but as there was only one injury for the day he had plenty of time to spend with Hugh. The Wasmann family had encouraged Hugh to ride at Collie, and he set up with them, even wearing Regan's spare outfit and protective gear.

Ready to race...

The gates are down...


Hugh is down! But not for long...

A bit of help from a competitor's father.

I didn't arrive at the track until lunch time, so I missed his first race. As the day wore on and the bigger bikes tore up the track it became quite hard for Hugh's little bike to handle the conditions on the sand track. By the third race he really struggled, and needed help to get through a couple of sections of the track. He toppled over a couple of times, and the commentator was really supportive, saying things like "it was the bike's fault" or that "the wind blew him over!" He described Hugh as "a helmet on wheels" because he was so small. But he looked like a real motorbike racer, and he came home with a medal. He was a proud and happy little boy.

Hugh may look like a motorbike racer, but Odette looks more like a fashion model!

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Max Piedra said...

Cool! Seeing these photos made me realize that racing is not only for grown up men, but also for a growing boy like Hugh! Such a courageous little boy! It’s been two years since this blog post, so I guess Hugh has grown so much since then. Is he still into motorbikes?