Thursday, December 30, 2010

Accident on Gibbs Road

We are used to driving on unsealed gravel roads, which are narrow, rough, and often have kangaroos or emus crossing. Sometimes our visitors are not used to the roads, and sometimes I forget to warn them. I forgot to warn our French helpXchange visitors Melanie and Bertrand when they set out for Collie last Wednesday. So while I thought they were shopping in Collie, they were walking the six kilometres home after crashing their campervan on the road. They were so lucky that they were not hurt, but we were all very shaken up. They had bought the van in Sydney and travelled halfway around Australia in it on their Australian dream trip. But the van will be going no further.

They had to climb out the window when the van rolled onto its side.

The kids were pretty sad to see the van like this.

After skidding out of control the van side-swiped these trees before rolling.

I had to call the council so that some workers could bring a loader and move the broken van off the road, as it was creating a hazard. Although there is never much traffic on this part of Gibbs road you never know when someone could come along...
And obviously someone came along after the van was put on its wheels and moved to the side of the road. Because about four hours later when it was put on a car trailer and brought back home there had been quite a bit of stuff stolen. Someone had removed the spare wheel off the front, taken out the stereo, stolen fold-up chairs, a surfboard, diving masks, the microwave oven and more. I couldn't believe it! This is such a quiet and isolated stretch of road it was surprising that anyone had driven past during that time, and for that someone to be of the thieving kind was really bad luck.

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les marcoux said...

sorry for you frenchies, is there no way steward can make a miracle?
i have seen a few nice nissan bodies here in bunbury. just in case!