Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Shearing Cut-Out

When shearing is over, we have a "cut-out". It is always a pretty good show, because we have a great shearing team. This year a couple of extras came along with their guitars which made the atmosphere very enjoyable (thanks Leo and James). In the afternoon we had some savouries and drinks, and then we had a barbecue with sausages and chops and drinks and I made up some salads. There are always lots of drinks with shearers. I guess they sweat a lot during the day and they need lots of beer to re-hydrate them. Or something. We go through more beer in one night than we do for the rest of the year combined!We were planning to have our summer holiday at Bremer Bay from the 10th to the 20th of January, but anyone with a calendar will know that today is the 12th of January. Shearing was held up last week with staffing issues, illness and then rain. So the three days missed last week were done this week. Now if everything else goes well, packing up, loading wool, etc, then we can leave tomorrow evening.
And this year I am taking my camera on holidays with me!

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