Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Diary of a Homeschooler

I have a little bit of competition on the blogging front! Sophie is planning on blogging EVERY DAY!
I can just about average one post a month, so I had better step up if I want to keep up with her!!
I haven't even told you blog followers that Sophie didn't return to boarding school this year. She didn't like boarding, so during the holidays she investigated alternatives. She really wanted to do home schooling, but I didn't think that I had the required energy to put into such a program. If she was an only child I probably would have tried it. But I don't want to give up anything, and for me to take on the role of tutor I would have to be dedicated to it.
That is why we decided on SIDE, the School of Isolated and Distance Education, which runs out of a base in West Leederville in Perth. You have probably heard of the old "School of the Air". Well this is the modern version. The material is delivered both electronically and through the post, and Sophie has teachers based in Perth who mark her work and guide her with her progress. Sometimes she has phone conversations, or online lessons using a program called Centra. Some of her work is online via Moodle. She can post, email or fax work to her teachers.
Sophie has a study area set up in my Anita Jean Photography Studio in Darkan. It has been working OK, she comes into town with me each day, although I haven't been doing any (many) photo shoots in the studio - mainly a few passport photos since she has been set up. I really wish I had more room here, but part of the building is used by Hygieia Health and Beauty Salon, and I have let a friend have a small room for a painting studio. I dream of building a huge big photo studio out the back, and then Sophie could have the whole room which I currently use for shooting in. But I haven't won lotto yet. Probably should buy a ticket!!

Look at Sophie's blog Diary of A Homeschooler.

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