Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter Crafts

The children have been getting into the spirit of Easter by dyeing eggs, and creating bunny things at school and at home. Roger made some hot cross buns for us to eat this morning.
Odette came home from school and told me she had drawn a "Bottom Bunny".

Well I had no idea what a Bottom Bunny was (do you?) until she showed me how they made it!

First sit on a large piece of paper, then get someone to draw around your bottom and most of your legs. That is the shape for your bunny's face! Add the facial features and colour in your bunny. Just like Odette did!

The egg dyeing activity took place at the Warragal Park International Primary School, which is another name for our old house. The children have made themselves a school and any helpXchange visitors we have are roped into being the students. Max, Emilie and Anne-Priscilla worked very well on their dyed eggs, and you can see the results below.

The eggs were first decorated with sticky tape to create a pattern, and then coloured with food dye.

Then they created gorgeous little containers filled with cut up tissue paper for nests for their eggs.

Odette's egg and the one that Hugh made at school (sensibly hard-boiled), have a few cracks in them.

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Activities with Kids said...

Bottom bunny - too funny!!! I'm sure the kids got a big kick out of that one!