Sunday, April 3, 2011

Hope Farm Clearance Sale

My parents, Ken and Wendy Solly, have sold their Hope Farm Guest House in York, and will be moving to a smaller house only one street away this week. Last weekend they had a clearance sale. Roger went on Friday to help move furniture, and I went with the children after school on Friday. Saturday morning was very hectic trying to get all the smaller items out onto the tables, and get the final price labels on.
When I saw some of the old stuff that has been around since I was a child I became quite nostalgic, and couldn't possible let them give away the tray that my Dad made in woodwork when he was at school. So I brought it home with me.
They were going to sell the old milk separator, which was in use at our farm Menota when I was a child. I remember turning the handle and watching the cream come out rich and warm into a bowl, and the taste of jam and cream on fresh bread. I couldn't possibly let someone else buy it, so I brought the separator home too. Likewise the hoya pot plant, the jug and bowl set, and one of Aunty Claire's old bowls.

We also brought home this pink sofa, which Sophie and Bonnie are quite fond of.

There was a table with free items, which Hugh took charge of.

Lots of furniture...

small household items...


decorative plates...

and much more.

The children had always believed that they would get the alpacas from Hope Farm to bring home to Warragal Park. But Granddad and Roger had other ideas, so the children were quite disappointed.

Hugh showing his muscles...

Bonnie helping to clean up early in the morning

Granddad's friend Bill helped on Saturday morning. His car number plate says "Wild Bill" but these days he says his friends call him "Mild Bill"!

Granddad spent some time in the pool with the kids. Another disappointment for them is that the new house doesn't have a pool!

Granddad and Nanna preparing for the sale.

On Saturday evening cloths were put over anything that remained on the tables, and the remaining furniture.

Bonnie locked the gate for the night.

It has been thirteen years since Ken and Wendy moved into Hope Farm, and we have had some memorable family occasions there. We have all enjoyed being able to go and stay there, especially for the Christmases when all my sisters and their partners and children have been there, and there has been room for all of us. So it will be sad to no longer have a family base like that, but it is time for my parents to move on. Downsizing is the term used to describe their move. The new house has a small and easily maintained garden. They will not have all their animals to look after, or the vineyard which requires lots of hard work. Or a swimming pool to keep clean. Or stairs.

It is the end of an era.

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