Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Price of Wool

Top prices from the Farm Weekly

A major part of our farm income is from the sale of fine merino wool from our sheep. The wool is sold at auction, and for some years the price has not been very flash. This year however we have received exceptional prices - the highest prices ever - for our wool. On the top of a very poor season last year and a long dry summer the result of our wool sales has buoyed us a bit. We have sold our wool over several sales, and this particular sale (F39, pictured) was very exciting. Our auctioneer rang Roger on his mobile phone straight after the sale to tell him of the fantastic price (it was a fair bit higher than the estimation) - she could hardly contain her excitement!
Now if only we had some more to sell...
We will have to wait until November before our next shearing, and who knows what the price will be like then? To guarantee a good price Roger has forward sold the wool from the ewes at Wattle Creek to a broker. There is a base price set, which will vary depending on the quality of the wool. And the quality and quantity of wool will be determined depending on the season.

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