Friday, April 1, 2011

Wagin Woolorama

The Wagin Woolorama is an annual agricultural show which we always look forward to with great anticipation. It has become a two-day event, and we find that we cannot see everything in only two days. This year we took Odette and Hugh - and Laura (helpXchange from Germany) to look after them - on the Friday, and Sophie and Bonnie took their friend Kirsty on the Saturday. The older kids are big enough now to go off by themselves, so they don't have to hang around while Mum or Dad (or both!) chatted incessantly. I love catching up with people at the Woolorama, and this year I had a real blast from the past when I met some people I hadn't seen since 1993!

We haven't used a pram for a couple of years, but took it in case Hugh got tired. Odette used it instead!

Sophie, Kirsty and Bonnie pose before entering the Woolorama. And do I see some bunny ears Roger??

Dog high jump...

balloon flower and balloon motorbike!

Bonnie and her friend Amelia check out the sofa in the full transportable house which was on display.

The shearing competition...

Ram judging...

Roger took advantage of the "Show Specials" and bought a new shearing head.

Kirsty, Bonnie and Sophie watched a lady demonstrating FIMO products.

Friday evening we had wine and cheese with our good friends at Rabobank.

Sophie, Kirsty and Bonnie painted umbrellas.

Roger and I caught up with our real estate agent.

Local engineering firm had sheep handling equipment on display.

As one of our friends said, the Woolorama is one of those events where as soon as you get home, you write it on the calendar for next year!!

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