Thursday, May 19, 2011

Feeling Very Special

 Brown and white chocolate decorations

 Shaved brown and white chocolate on top

 Only one candle... 45 missing!

 Hugh at breakfast

 My beautiful birthday cake...

Today it is my birthday and I am feeling very special. I was woken up to hot porridge in bed, and I opened my presents which were wrapped in hand-printed paper made by Bonnie and Hugh. Once I was up at the breakfast table I was presented with a spectacular birthday cake. Sophie had made it last night while I was out so it was a lovely surprise. But I did have a sneaking suspicion that some cooking had been done, by the state of the floor in the kitchen!

 Where is the mop?

 Green icing? Green hands!

Happy Birthday to me!

I have been having a lovely day. After the kids were on the school bus I went back to bed for a sleep-in. Then I had a shower and took the time to blow-dry my hair and actually put on some make-up, which doesn't happen often these days. I was ready to go to town when Roger came in and made me some nice coffee and we had morning tea together. Then I read some of the dozens of facebook messages wishing me happy birthday. For lunch I went to Rarebits on Burrowes and had a delicious lamb moussaka. And now I am taking the time to blog... and this afternoon I have booked a massage.

Birthdays only happen once a year, so I am making the most of mine!

Dreaming of Green


Rain has been teasing us, and we are waiting to declare a true break of the season. As can been seen in the pictures above, there is a bit of green at Warragal Park.
At Wattle Creek the rain was not so generous, so it has been drier than at home. We still need to feed all the sheep.
The ewes have been preg tested and the dries separated from the pregnant ones, so that the ones who need it most get more feed. At home we separated the pregnant ewes carrying twins too, but there were not a lot of them... Due to the very hard season we have just been trough the pregnancy rates were down on average.