Monday, July 18, 2011


Roger has been getting anyone who can (that generally means a teenage son, and any visitors on the helpXchange program) to help him build new fences (and take down the old ones) around the farm. Some are simply replacing broken down fences that have been there since the 1960s. The fence that I photographed on the weekend was being replaced to widen a race way between paddocks on the farm. The existing race was too narrow and made moving large mobs of sheep difficult.
Peter and Abby, from Manchester in England stayed with us for three weeks, and they left today. I drove them to Arthur River to catch the bus to Perth. And that is a 50km drive to the nearest public transport.

 Peter showing some muscle

Abby helping to stand up the mesh

And Roger doing the same

Roger on the old Fiat tractor - used to pull the mesh tight

Hooking the chain from the tractor to the wire mesh

Putting the chain around the tensioner

Two planks bolted together over the wire give the grip to pull the wire up tight
I have some more photos somewhere... I think I have misplaced a memory card form my camera (oops!)

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fencing west midlands said...

Thats a lot of fencing, how much area do you have to fence?

I have always wondered how they fences such large areas in the mid west. My uncles ranch as a fence that is over 40km long. He said he put it in by hand aswell, must of taken weeks.