Monday, July 18, 2011


The kids have been watching the BBC Earth DVDs of series two of "Orangutan Diary" during the school holidays. It is quite similar in format to the "Roo Gully Diaries", which is another of their favourite DVDs. In fact we have been to Roo Gully several times, and taken visitors from overseas to see the kangaroos there. It is at Boyup Brook, which is only about 60kms form our farm. Of course we have plenty of kangaroos on the farm, but they are not hand-reared and friendly like some of the ones at Roo Gully.
The reason that we like to watch DVDs is that we don't have television. We just can't see the benefits of a lot of the stuff that streams into homes on the box. Especially the commercial channels that show a lot of advertisements. Even many of the programs, if not strictly ads, still have product placement which is designed to influence you. And the news programs, well they really thrive on sensationalism. We keep up with the news via the radio and online newspapers, and occasionally a real paper newspaper. The children entertain themselves pretty well with their games and they have had several friends over during the holidays.
Orangutan Diary has really caught the imagination of the children. So much so that when I arrived home this afternoon I thought that a group of orangutans had taken over a marri tree in the yard!

Hugh in the marri tree

Odette swinging from the tree, Amelia looking on

Bonnie peeking out, on a branch with Sophie and Amelia

And Hugh even managed to get Pompon onto a low branch!

FOOTNOTE: I always used to spell it orang-utangs, but the BBC spells it as orangutan, so I suppose that is the official spelling...

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