Thursday, August 11, 2011

Bonnie in the State Schools Cross Country

Today Bonnie ran in the State Schools Cross Country event at McGillivray Oval in Mt Claremont, Perth. She ran 1.5km in the year 5 girls race. I was very proud of her, even though I thought she could have done some more training in the lead up to the race. (But I didn't want to be a pushy Mum, so she did it her way.)
It is the fourth cross-country race Bonnie has competed in this year, starting with the Darkan Primary School faction carnival in which there were six girls in her age group. Then in the interschool carnival there were about 16 girls. At Narrogin in the regional event there were about 40 competitiors and Bonnie came ninth. Today there were 271 registered for her event, and Bonnie finished at number 121. Her friend and classmate Amelia came in 90th.
The best thing about today was seeing these girls from a small country school competing in a big event. There were more kids in each race on the program than there are in the whole school at Darkan!

We arrived early at 9am, and the ground was wet with dew

The crew were still setting up...
Hugh came with us, as he had been sent home form school yesterday feeling unwell.
He was obviously feeling fine today!!
We walked the track, and this was the only section that wasn't on the grassed oval.
A very impressive finish line - until it deflated...
The starting line
Bonnie is in the middle in a red shirt...
Waiting for the start...
The large field heading off...

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Suzanne Opmeer said...

Well done, Bonnie!

Greetings from Holland!

We, me and my boyfriend Simon, have just returned from holidys in Italy. We did a roundtrip and visited the dolomites (mountain region), Venice, Tuscany/Florence and one of the great lakes, Lago di Garda, where we met up with my sister and brother in law, who where camping there. We had a wonderfull time!
Unfortunetly, freedom hascome to an end and monday we have to get back to work again.
Caro, Are you fmiliar with the I-phone Hipstamatic application? We made a lot of great, artistic photos with it in Italy.

I'll see if I can show/send you some!

With love,