Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Mobile when you Need it

A man with a chainsaw
I was SO GLAD for mobile telephone reception last week. I was driving home one dark stormy evening and came across a tree branch over the road. It was too big for me to move, and I couldn't drive around it. I didn't know if I had enough fuel to drive back to the highway and try a different route home. Mobile telephone coverage is pretty patchy around here due to the topography, so I didn't expect that I would be able to call for help. So it was pure joy to see two bars showing on my phone, and to hear Roger on the other end of the phone assuring me that he would be there in a flash in his superhero costume. (He didn't actually say that, but a man with a chainsaw is a hero in a situation like that.)
The kids came too, and soon enough we were all home in our cosy warn house.

Small boy, big muscles!

Hugh helping out

Check out Bonnie's new gumboots!

Once the branch was cut into pieces it was easy to move.

Bonnie and Odette working together.

Sophie doing her bit.

Thanks Roger!

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