Thursday, October 6, 2011

Perth Royal Show with Odette

Because it is Odette's birthday next week (she will turn 9 on Monday) I took her for a birthday treat at the Perth Royal Show. She invited her friend Jen to go with us too. We went to Perth last night and caught some of the night time action at the show. We went on the big wheel, watched the fireworks, and saw some nerve-wracking FMX (freestyle moto cross) stunts in the arena. We stayed the night at my sister's place not far from the showgrounds and went back to the show this morning.
I took Hugh's little point-and-shoot camera - no way was I lugging around a big heavy camera and lens all day!  So in pictures, here is some of what we did at the show:

Went on the tea-cup ride (we wanted Odette to go on it because 7 years ago we went to the show and the operator had to stop the ride and get her off because she cried so much.)

Went on the chair lift

Milked a pretend cut-out cow

Posed as/with Captain Cleanup

Explored permaculture concepts

Played with a junk sculpture robot

Bought a showbag

Swapped shoes and socks when Jen got blisters
Yes, Odette's toes are really long

Drank lemonade (not as good as Bonnie's home-made stuff was the verdict)

Climbed on a rock-climbing wall
Fell off the wall

Went caving in a model cave

Learnt more about Malaysia

Rode on the "Dragon Wagon"

Saw lots of poultry

I had lots of fun with the two girls, but I had forgotten how tiring a day at the Show can be! Maybe I'll be ready to tackle it again in another seven years...

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