Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Planting Trees

Recently we planted some trees and salt-tolerant bushes in an area of the farm which has become salt-affected and unproductive. Roger obtained a grant through the local landcare officer to help with the cost of fencing the area and re-vegetating it.
The wetter flats were mounded before planting trees with the pottiputki manually. Higher up we direct planted the seedlings using a Kimseeds machine.
Here are some photos...

Odette firming down a tree seedling


Odette and Hugh

Roger in the tractor, Matthew on the planter

Matthew working the planter

Hugh replanting a tree seedling that missed the hole

Matthew and Teagan planting trees on the mounded flats

Matthew stamping on the pottiputki

seedling in the ground

Another Hiatus

Apologies to anyone who thought we had been on holidays all year!!
Although I have had a holiday from the blog, things have been carrying on as normal at Warragal Park.
I was unwell for some time, suffering from depression and extremely tired and unmotivated. After a stay in hospital in June and some sessions with a counsellor, I visited a new psychiatrist who prescribed some new medication which has helped to get me back on track.
I had spent the previous twelve months trying to get help for my sleepiness, lethargy and lack of energy. I had been unable to concentrate at work and I spent most of my time at home in bed. I would fall asleep in meetings and didn't complete a course I was enrolled in because I couldn't focus or find motivation. My work suffered and I had to make excuses and apologies to clients who didn't receive products they had ordered. At home Roger looked after meals and getting the kids to school (as well as running the farm), I tried to manage the laundry, but the house was in utter chaos. The kids suffered because I never spent quality time with them. If I started to read a book I would fall asleep, I was too tired to play games, and I was excessively intolerant. When driving I frequently had to pull over and have a nap lest I should fall asleep behind the wheel.
Visits to the doctor last year saw plenty of blood tests, a sleep study and a trial with a CPAP machine, then counselling to try to overcome the tiredness and depression. But to no avail, and I just got further and further down and down with depression until it all came apart and I was completely unable to function. I got Roger to take me to the doctor, to get me admitted to hospital.  
It turns out that the medication I had been taking was sedating me. The new psychiatrist was horrified, and amazed that I could function at all with that amount of sedation. Anyone else out there taking high doses of Luvox, beware!
View from a hospital bed